Board of Trustees

Board of directors 2017 – 2019

President: Enma Nuñez Muñoz.

Yanapai partners 2017

Zootechnist and Consultant. Entry: 1989

Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Raúl Ccanto Retamozo.

Agronomist participatory action research specialist. Entry:1996.

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Treasurer: María Mayer de Scurrah.

Plant breeder and specialist in agrobiodiversity.  Entry: 1999

Email: [email protected]

Member: Edith Fernandez – Baca Pacheco.

Sociology and veterinary science.  Entry: 1996

Email: [email protected]

Board of Directors 2013-2015

Yanapai meeting 2013. Edgar,Stef, Raul, Maria, Isabel.


Edith Fernandez-Baca Pacheco. President. Sociologist (Ph.d) and veterinary science M.S . Joined Yanapai  in 1996. Her presidency is characterized by many positive changes especially in strengthening Yanapai as an institution.  Email: [email protected]

Edgar Ernesto Olivera Hurtado. Secretary. Animal husbandry and fodder specialist. Joined Yanapai in 1989. Email: [email protected]

María Scurrah. Project Coordinator and Treasurer.  Plant Breeder Ph.D and agrobiodiversity  specialist.   Joined Yanapai in 1999. Email: [email protected]

Raul Ccanto Retamozo. Agronomist specialist in participative action research. Joined yanapai  in 1996.


Yanapai partners 2007.

Yanapai partners 2007.

Board of Trustees  2009-2013


Stef de Haan.  Plant Breeder/Agroecologist PhD. Presidente. Joined in 2009. Email: [email protected]

Edgar Ernesto Olivera Hurtado. Secretary. Animal husbandry. Joined Yanpai in 1989. Email: [email protected]

Maria Scurrah. Project Coordinator and Treasurer.  Plant Breeder Ph.D and agrobiodiversity  specialist by pracitce.  Joined Yanapai in 1999. Email: [email protected]

Isabel Álvarez Novoa. Board memeber. Sociologist and autor of several books about food and gastronomy. Owner of the restaurant “El Señorío de Sulco”. Joined Yanapai in  2005.