Strong leaders to make decisions on behalf of the community.

Strong leaders to make decisions on behalf of the community.

Insitutional Philosophy

Yanapai is a not-for-profit organization. Throughout its institutional history Yanapai has been committed to contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of high Andean families through the management of their natural resources and mutual learning.

Yanapai aims to:

  • Carry out on-farm research based on farmers needs.
  • Develop appropriate technologies for alleviating difficult situations and countering problems facing farmer families.
  • Strengthen capacities of small agricultural producers.
  • Be in touch with and adapt to changing social realities in rural areas.
  • Work in highland communities with farming families.


  • Collaboaration: Yanapai works collaboratively with partner organizations and community members. Each member of Yanpai has unique qualities, capabilities and perspectives, with which  we contribute together as a group to a higher purpose and a more just society.
  • Participation of rural women.

    Participation of rural women.

    Commitment : We have been working with the same communities for over 25 years. We developed qualitative, long-term relationships with communities for whom we feel forward-looking commitment. In this, it are the peasant families themselves that define their future.

  • Horizontality: All people have the same rights of access to public goods. Yanapai does not tolerate discrimination on gender, cultural, racial, religious, or economic grounds, or any intolerance of difference. We all have an equal rights ethos, and we recognize that difference and diversity is a benefit to society and culture.
  • Solidarity: We are aware of the imbalances under which our society has been built, and we strive to have equal opportunities for everyone. We endeavour to commit ourselves to the fullest when necessary.
  • Respect: The ways of life of society are varied, and each group has its expectations for improvement. Different paradigms and different ways of discovering and looking at the world are part of this difference and are not wrong.
  • Recognition: We believe that all people are valuable. We see everyone as citizens, with rights and duties, with human potentials and with the ability to change their environment favorably.
  • Communication: We encourage dialogue as a basis to address differences and conflicts between actors in society. We reject mechanisms of violence, we believe that the construction of consensus starts with a multicultural dialogue of good faith, openness and respect.


Que las madres y sus hijos escojan con libertad y conocimiento y recursos un camino.

Mothers and their children choose a path with freedom, knowledge and resources.

  • Freedom: We believe that the basis of development is the ability of people to act, feel and perform freely, where each citizen is empowered by their own future, in order to development their abilities, knowledge and skills.
  • Equality: In Yanapai we strive to minimize the imbalances generated by unjust societies. We fight for equal rights, because we believe that it is the responsibility of everyone that those are served.
  • Life: We promote a world where each person has a life with dignity, where the engine of their actions is not only survival, but to have a full life, and be citizen of the world.