Strong leaders to make decisions on behalf of the community.

Strong leaders to make decisions on behalf of the community.

Insitutional Philosophy

Yanapai is a not-for-profit organization. Throughout its institutional history Yanapai has worked towards improving the livelihoods of high Andean farming families.

Yanapai aims to:

  • Carry out on-farm research based on farmers needs.
  • Work in highland communities with farming families.
  • Develop appropriate technologies for alleviating difficult situations and countering problems facing farming families.
  • Capacity build with small holder farmers
  • Be in touch with changing social realities in rural areas.


  • Collaboaration: Yanapai works collaboratively with partner organizations and community members. Each member brings to Yanpai  unique qualities and perspectives, and different capabilities and competencies, with which  we contribute as a group.
  • Participation of rural women.

    Participation of rural women.

    Commitment :  Yanapai has been working with the same communities for over 25 years. We have worked hard to develop -quality, long-term relationships with families and with communities for whom we feel a profound forward-looking commitment. Though we work to facilitate and promote ideas and technologies, we also recognize that each family defines and chooses their own future.

  • Horizontality:  Yanapai does not tolerate discrimination on gender, cultural, racial, religious, or economic grounds, or any intolerance of difference. We all have an equal rights ethos, and we recognize that difference and diversity is an added benefit to culture and society.
  • Solidarity: We are conscious of the asymmetries upon which our society is based, and we strive to foster equal opportunities. We endeavour to give more of ourselves when necessary.
  • Respect: Though our ways  of life, worldviews and paradigms may vary, each one of us deserves to be valued and respected. We foment dialogue as means to deal with differences and conflicts, and reject all forms of violence. We believe in reaching and constructing consensus though dialogue in good-faith and with mutual respect.

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