Yanapai Group

Grupo Yanapai, which means “help” in Quechua, is a non-profit association of interdisciplinary researchers whose objective is to enhance research for development processes; fostering innovation in collaboration with the exchange of knowledge of research centres and local knowledge, aiming to improve the management of resources to achieve sustainable agro-ecological systems. We work jointly with peasant communities, organizations of small producers, organized groups of women, and among others; Yanapai develops agro-ecological proposals for the sustainable development of the high Andean peasant communities, through collaborative agreements with research centers. Yanapai has been enrolled in the Junín Public Registries since 1982, has developed a vast experience in participatory research, has an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on gender equality; emphasizing the human development of women.


We are a civil association formed by a multidisciplinary team, facilitator of participatory processes of knowledge sharing, research and innovation, which promotes the strengthening of capacities and the development of technologies in favor of family farming and peasant organizations.


In 2021, Yanapai is a pioneer in the Andean Region of the management of natural resources, valuation of agrobiodiversity, and local knowledge and participatory research. In order to improve nutrition and income generation that contributes to the integral well-being of peasant families against climate change.

Strategic objectives

  • Promote the cultural, educational and productive development of peasant families, giving greater emphasis to women and children.
  • Implement research – action on agricultural and communication problems identified by organized groups of small farmers.
  • Support training in the field of technical personnel for the education, organization and technical improvement of women farmers.