Potatoes fortified with iron and zinc for better nutrition for children in the Communities of Huancavelica

Yanapai has been working on Participative selection of biofortified clones with high iron and zinc content in communities of Ambato Huancavelica during the last 3 years as part of the project: Planting the Andean Diet: Escalating the use of Agrobiodiversity to improve child nutrition in communities of Huancavelica” funded by the McKnight foundation. Thanks to this project advanced clones are in the pipeline to be released as varieties, as a result of the rigorous evaluations carried out by men and women during flowering, harvest and post-harvest selection of the material. These farmers already have access to the material, which will be released soon as varieties and become available to a wider public

We invite you to learn more about this project on the CIP website: https://cipotato.org/blog/iron-zinc-fortified-potatoes-hold-promise-better-health-rural-families/

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